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Simoniz GlassCoat is the world’s most durable paint sealant and interior protection system, scientifically proven and guarenteed to last. Since 1999, GlassCoat has given consumers peace of mind that their new vehicle – and its resale value – will be protected throughout its lifetime.

GlassCoat is a nano-ceramic coating made of polysiloxane, a silicone-based polymer. It bonds to your vehicle’s paint to create a permanent ceramic barrier film which increases factory gloss and paint film thickness up to 10%. The results last a lifetime.

GlassCoat is manufactured in the USA under strict supervision to ensure the highest quality.

FAQs for GlassCoat Owners

How to get GlassCoat?
GlassCoat is available exclusively on new car purchases at more than 1,000 dealerships across the United States. Personnel at these dealerships receive special training on GlassCoat, and it is typically administered by a Simoniz-certified detail technician. The entire process takes one hour or less.

Does GlassCoat need to be reapplied every year?
No – Within 180 days of your 10-year anniversary of the GlassCoat application – and within 180 days of every 5-year anniversary thereafter – you are required to go to getsimoniz.com to confirm that you still own the vehicle.

Will Simoniz pay for a detail every year?
No, regular care and maintenance is the owner’s responsibility. You should maintain your vehicle with regular washing and appearance maintenance as prescribed in the owner’s manual from your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Do I still need to wash and wax my car? If so, what products can I use?
Yes, we recommend washing and waxing your vehicle per the manufacturer’s maintenance appearance instructions (as found in your owner’s manual). We recommend using Simoniz products, as they are compatible with GlassCoat.

How do I maintain the interior of my vehicle?
Regular vacuuming and cleaning of the interior carpet, leather, and fabric will help in preventing permanent stains in your vehicle. Any automotive interior cleaner for carpet, leather, or fabric is fine to use. Please test for color fastness before using any product.

I spilled coffee on my seat. What must I do to file a claim?
Accidents happen! If you have a spill in your vehicle, we recommend cleaning it with an automotive upholstery cleaner, as these can remove most stains. If you have a permanent stain, you may call 1-800-227-5536 ext. 311 or visit simonizclaims.com to start the claim process within 30 days of the incident.

I have tree sap all over my car. What must I do to file a claim?
This can be removed using no more than 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol and a soft towel. Put some rubbing alcohol on the towel and gently massage the tree sap away, while constantly turning the towel to avoid scratching the surface. You may also use common hand sanitizer, as most of them contain alcohol. Apply an equal amount on the tree sap and let stand for 30 seconds; then gently remove with a soft towel (remember to keep turning the towel so you do not scratch the surface). Once removed, we recommend applying a coat of wax on those areas. If, after removal, you notice the sap has etched into the paint, you may call us at 1-800-227-5536 ext. 311 or visit simonizclaims.com to start the claim process within 30 days.

Where is my warranty number located?
The warranty number is located in the upper right hand corner of your warranty under the bar code. Your copy is most commonly pink or white for easy recognition.

What information will I need to file a claim?
Please have ready the warranty contract number, and name and address of the registered contract owner. Be prepared to report the damage that occurred, the source of the damage, the date of the incident/loss, and where the damage is specifically located on/in your vehicle. You will also need photos of the damaged areas you are reporting and an estimate to correct the damage. Our review of your claim will begin once the photos and estimate are received by your claim handler.