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Windshield & Headlight Protection

Vision Clear Better vision... safer driving
Car headlight

Headlights are protected from fading and yellowing.

Broken windshield

Windshield protection improves vision clarity.

Driving in the rain

Provides hydrophobic protection against rain and environmental elements to both the headlights and windshield.

Anti-Microbial Surface Protection

SaniCheck Continuous, eco-friendly interior protection

Protection from germs, viruses and odors in the ventilation system, seating cabin and cargo areas.

Family car shopping

EPA-registered antimicrobial technology resists mold and mildew for long-lasting freshness.

Couple looking to buy a car

Combats deterioration and discoloration by odor-causing bacteria, fungi, and algae.

Paint Protection for When Dings & Dents Occur

Surface Pro It's not if ... It's when!
Car paint

Protection for the entire painted surface of your vehicle.

Dog leaning out car window

Effective removal of dents, dings, and creases.

Scratched car paint

Useful for everyday encounters found in parking lots, parking garages and shopping centers.

Wheel Surface Protection

Ally Wheel Pro Keep the “new” wheel look
Car wheel

Wheels are protected from surface abrasions and pitting.

Brake dust

Reduces brake dust build-up and makes clean-up easy.

Clean wheel

Keeps your alloys cleaner, enhancing the look of your vehicle.

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